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About Ganaur

Ganaur is a small municipal town located in Sonipat District of Haryana. It is located on National Highway No 1 and is situated just 44 kms away from national capital of New Delhi. Its proximity to New Delhi in terms of its economic development. More about its existing local economic condition and other important aspects of this small town have been discussed below. All the below mentioned information will surely help readers in knowing this small town of Ganaur in much better way.

About Ganaur
Ganaur Railway Station

History of Ganaur

Local people of Ganaur must take immense pride to be part of a region that shares a very deep bond with great Indian epic of Mahabaharta. Here we are obviously talking about Sonipat region, of which Ganaur is an integral part. Although Sonipat doesn’t find any direct mention in Mahabharta, but it is strongly believed that Pandava brothers did have a very strong affiliation with this place. The belief is that Pandava brothers had founded town called Suvarnaprastha in the present day Sonipat region. Another popular belief is that present day Sonepat region was one of the five Preasthas or towns demanded by Yudhisthira from his brother Duryodhana as the price of peace. Irrespective of which version is true, Ganaur town’s association with great epic like Mahabharta is indeed matter of great pride.

Administration in Ganaur

All the civic responsibilities of this town are entrusted on Ganaur Municipal Committee, as it is the most important local administrative body here. To tell you more about its key responsibilities, then they are as follows: ensuring that water is supplied to all the households, maintenance of drainage and sewerage across the town, constructing new highways within its jurisdiction, and imposing property tax on all the households coming under its jurisdiction. Now we’d like to shed light on administrative details of this body. This municipal committee has been divided into 15 wards, for which elections are held once in every 5 years. As per 2011 census approximately 35,603 people were living across this 15 wards.

Office phone no: 0130-2460098.
President: 9416000626
Vice President: 9183258636
Secretary: 8295100523

Economy of Ganaur

The economy of Ganaur is mainly dominated by agriculture. Very minimal presence of industries and lesser presence of other important sectors had always given local agriculture sector the upper hand here. Although total agricultural output of this region is not really high, but it is still high enough to be considered as substantial. Ganaur’s horticulture crops production is especially very impressive. Haryana State Government has in fact already proposed to build world class horticulture wholesale market in Ganaur town, which in future will surely give a huge boost to Ganaur’s local economy.

Profile of Ganaur

Talking about industries, then few industries currently operating in this town constitutes mainly of few small scale factories and one large scale manufacturing plant. The large scale manufacturing plant belongs to Bharat Steel Tubes Limited, which is one of India’s leading steel tube manufacturers. Besides, quite a huge percentage of Ganaur’s locals are also employed in factories and plants operating in outskirts of Delhi and other industrial areas of Sonipat District.

Touching down on service sector, then all that this town has to show on service sector front are few banks, hotels and restaurants. There is literally no service oriented companies like BPO companies, IT companies etc in Ganaur town. Besides, Ganaur’s service sector is also suffering immensely from its highly unorganized nature, as unorganized service sector contributes immensely less in revenue and direct employment generation.

Tourist Attractions in Ganaur

Ganaur town is home to quite a few worth visiting sacred temples, which are obviously primary tourist attractions of this small town. One should not especially miss visit to local Jain Temple called Gupti Dham Jain Temple, as it is by far the most beautiful temple of this town. This temple’s artistic construction, and immense peace and serenity that surrounds it will enchant anyone. Besides, there are hordes of other local temples here that are equally beautiful in their own way and hence are equally worth visiting. Another interesting place is Choki Dhani which is an unique multi cuisine restaurant cum entertainment zone. It is located on National Highway No 1. Here you’ll not only get to enjoy some delicious Rajasthani dishes, but will also get enjoy Rajasthani folk dance and songs. Actually the entire restaurant is set as small Rajasthani village, which will make you feel that you’re indeed inside a small beautiful Rajasthani Village.

Overall, this is one unique place that you should not give a miss. Because this is one place where you and your family will get to have lots of fun and memorable time.

Choki Dhani Address
64th Milestone, NH-1,
Ganaur, Sonipat, Haryana - 131 101, INDIA
Contact Person: Mr. Chetan Mann
Tel: +91-8222 8222 81, 8222 8333 81

Healthcare Services in Ganaur

It is very heartening to notice that during past few decades healthcare services in Ganaur has been consistently improving. This consistent improvement has obviously paved way for more well equipped hospitals and even number of medical shops and doctors have been multiplied over the course of past few decades. Talking specifically about hospitals, then what is really pleasing to see on this front is coming up of few multispecialty and technically well equipped hospitals. This small town needed such modern hospitals and we sincerely hope that more such hospitals come up in near future.

Hospitals in Ganaur
Healthcare Services

Over all, we can sum up without any hesitation that today Ganaur’s healthcare services is very self sufficient. However, to make its healthcare services even more robust it needs to keep on improving its quality of services by every passing year.

Mool Chand Jain Hospital
(Orthopaedic & General)
Address: Namaste Chowk, Ganaur - 131101
Tel: 0130-2462160

Sita Hospital
Address: Railway Road, Near Punjab National Bank ATM, Ganaur, Sonepat- 131101
Phone no: (0130) 2463847

Sharma Eye Hospital
Address: Bawa Tarana Road, Near Gandhi Chowk, Ganaur, Sonepat- 131101
Phone no: (0130) 2218622

Aneja Hospital
Address: Delhi Road, Bahalgarh, Opposite Huda Commercial Centre Building, Sonepat- 131101
Phone no: (0130) 2237777

Kalawati Hospital
Address: Tika Ram Road, Model Town, Near Mission Chowk, Sonepat- 131101
Phone no: (0130) 2240350

Pearl Dental Clinic
Address: GT Karnal Road, Murthal Road, Near Mauji Ram Dharamshala, Sonepat- 131101
Phone no: 09996036515

Chemist shops in Ganaur

Kukreja Medical
Address: Railway Road, Ganaur Mandi, Ganaur, Sonepat – 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9728950490

Sharma Medical Store
Address: Gt Road, Near Bhatia Hospital, Gannaur, Sonepat – 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9254906260, 9896438272

Prem Medical Store
Address: Panchi Road, Near By Railway Fly Over, Gannaur, Sonepat – 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9466425846, 8607709974

Ashoka Medical Store
Address: Gannaur Road, Gannaur, Sonepat - 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9812341792

Batra Medical Store
Address: Railway Rd, Nr Gandh Electronics Gannaur, Sonepat – 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9812329014

Pal Medicose
Address: Bega Rd, Nr G T Rd, Gannaur, Sonepat – 131101
Phone no: +(91)-9034100507

Banking Services in Ganaur

Today quite a decent number of public sector as well as private sector banks are operating in Ganaur town. These banks have not only ensured financial empowerment of locals, but also ensured that local here are not left out in enjoying modern banking services. The same modern services which citizens of urban cities like Mumbai and Delhi get to enjoy. This includes NEFT payment, Net Banking, flexible saving and current accounts, quick loan disposal etc.

Banking Services in Ganaur

As for which are the reputed banks that are operating here, then their names are as follows: State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Central Bank of India, Axis Bank, State Bank of India, Yes Bank and quite a few other reputed banks.

Address: Railway Road, Near Namaste Chowk, Ganaur, Sonipat, Haryana 131101
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code: HDFC0002678

YES Bank
Address: Ground Floor, Pushp Complex, Mc Road, 131101
Phone no: 9958390909
IFSC code: YESB0000157

Central Bank of India
Address: Railway Road Ganaur Dist; Sonepat
IFSC code: CBIN0281158

Canara Bank
Address: M C Road , Ist Floor Of Lic Building, Vpo - Ganaur , Dist:Sonepat(Haryana) - 131101
Phone no: 0130-2461283
IFSC code: CNRB0003446

Bank of Baroda
Address: Shahid Chowk, Railway Road, Ganaur, Dist Sonepat, Haryana 131101

Transportation in Ganaur

This town does have decent number of auto rickshaws to take care of its local transportation. There is no city bus service or full fledged taxi service in this town and so auto rickshaw is all that is there for local transportation. However, auto rickshaws are doing a pretty fine job, even though there numbers are just about decent enough. The biggest auto rickshaw stand is available just outside Ganaur Railway Station. As for connectivity is concerned, then Ganaur Railway Station obviously plays a very critical role in connecting this small town to many important cities of home state Haryana and few important cities located outside Haryana state. Here are names of few important cities that this station is directly connected to: Kurukshetra, Panipat, Ambala, New Delhi, Jammu and Mumbai.

Ganaur at a glance

Country: India
State: Haryana
District: Sonipat
Total Population: 40,329
Pin code: 131101
Official Language: Hindi
Telephone code: 0130 24
STD Code: 0130 24
Vehicle registration: HR42

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